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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Full Story
Status: On Hold
Artists: Joe  Kubert pencils and inks
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Check out this AWESOME GOLDEN-AGE HORROR cover, which was penciled and inked by the great JOE KUBERT, from the story titled: "Murder On the Stage!" This nice story features stunning Joe Kubert art very early in his AMAZING 70 year art career! As an extra bonus...The SPLASH page logo area is all HAND DRAWN in detailed pencils by Kubert as the stat Logo was not with this story when purchased....but the logo area looks incredible with the ALL Joe Kubert artwork for this stat area! See the beautifully drawn pages 2-8 in the red link above! Private Pat Harris and his army buddies take in a U.S.O. show featuring a knife-throwing act, and Pat is immediately smitten by Zelda, the beautiful knife-thrower. Zelda's aim falters on stage, her assistant takes a blade to the heart, and the lovely performer is accused of murder -- it's a frame-up, and Pat is about to prove Zelda's innocence, when he's jumped by a mysterious, masked figure who turns out to be a NAZI MURDERER! Joe Kubert used an art technique Mort Meskin taught him; he toned his paper with an overall light, gray pencil shade, then erased out the "white shapes," to make a pleasing design of interlocking white and black shapes in pencil, before inking, and then erasing the pages. As a result, the art has a real graphic "punch." Even at the age of 18 when he drew this story, Joe Kubert was already a talented professional. The image area of each page measures 12 by 18 inches on much larger art board. ALL art on our website (including this one) are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payments, and trades are always considered towards "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.

On Hold