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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Al Williamson penciller
Frank Frazetta inker
Roy Krenkel inker
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Check out this very nice LARGE ART GOLDEN AGE 1952 Science Fiction page, which was drawn by the ICONIC art team of Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, & Roy Krenkel, from the famous story titled: "Buster Crabbe and the Maid of Mars" This nice last final page features Buster Crabbe and the Maid of Mars saying their Good-Bye's as the Maid heads back to Mars on her space ship! Al Williamson explained that he called Krenkel in to draw background architecture, though it's possible he also had a hand in inking some of this story. Certainly Frazetta inked many of the figures on this very page. The 3rd panel has an art patch of Flash Gordon's body missing but as a bonus, the very last large vertical panel was drawn directly on the board, and an all know published last large vertical panel was drawn on another board and laid on top of it which is taped in from the right margin and can easily be flipped up to see the art beneath it and this art can be seen in the extra link. GOLDEN AGE Williamson / Frazetta Science Fiction comic art is VERY hard to find in the hobby these days, so don't miss out on a great opportunity here to own a nice GOLDEN Age LARGE ART drawn page by these 2 icons! ALL art on our website (including this one) are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payments, and trades are always considered towards "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.