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Media Type: Painting
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Jay Lynch painter
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Check out this "INCREDIBLE" HUMONGOUS Painting which was created ENTIRELY by the great Underground Comix legend Jay Lynch, who began working for innovative bubble gum/baseball card company Topps in the late 1960s. During this time, he designed several hundreds of these satirical trading cards/stickers for the company. This eye-popping illustration is painted to PERFECTION, featuring many of his creations, beautifully rendered in ink and gouache on heavy board, with an actual area of 26.75 by 18.8 inches on 30 by 22 inch thick art board. The detail is simply amazing! If you loved those crazy product stickers in the 1970s, you must have this! Who doesn't remember these classic products featured on this VERY painting! JAY LYNCH FIRST CREATED ALL OF THE FOLLOWING Pieces..I figured out "48" of the products and listed them, but I still couldn't find a few of them, So far we have: SKIMPY Peanuts Butter, CAPTAIN CRUD Cereal, FRIGHT GUARD deodorant, WEAKIES Cereal, JAIL-O Gelatin, BAND-ACHE, PLASTERED PEANUTS, AJERX (Ajax) Cleaner, KOOK (Kool) Cigarettes, SLAYTEX (Laytex) Gloves, KOOK(Kool)-AID, HORRID Deodorant, DR.ONO (Drain-O) Brain Cleaner, PRO FOOLBALL Trading Cards, CRAM (Spam) MEAT, MINUTE LICE, DOPEY WHIP Dessert Topping, MADDIE BOY Dog Food, HURTS Tomato Paste, PLAY-DUMB Play-Doh, BREADCRUST CORNED BEEF HASH, RUN TONY SHELLS, CRUST Toothpste, SECRETS (Sucrets) Throat Lozenges, ARGH Corn Stench, PAID (Raid) Killers, WORMY (Wacky) Packages, VILE Soap, SICKEN OF THE SEA Tuna, DEMENTED Rotten Tomatoes, MESS CLAIROIL Hair Formula, SQUABBLE (Scrabble) Board Game, SLUM MADE RAISINS, HEAVE Nauseous Cigarettes, SWEATHARD Odorous Soap, FIB (Fab) Detergent, FLOPP Marshmallow Cream, DIMWIT (Domino) Sugar Cubes, SORE MEL (Hormel) Chili, BARMAN (Charman) Bar Tissue, PLAYBUG (Playboy) Magazine, JERITOL Dunce Capsules, CHUMPS Candy, IOU (OUI) Men's Magazine, NUTTS (Mott's) Apple Sauce, SLAM (Slim) Jims, ALE (All) Alcoholic Detergent, GURGLE (Gerber) Baby Food. There are a few small minor corner dings because this piece is so heavy, but thankfully there is an almost 2 inch boarder around the actual stunning painting and the art itself is in perfect condition. Just a great opportunity here to own this TRULY HISTORIC 1-OF-A-KIND HUGE painting by this Great artist who CREATED all of these classic cards! ALL art on our website (including this one) are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payments, and trades are always considered towards "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.