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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: On Hold
Artists: John  Romita Sr. pencils and inks
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Check out this AWESOME, "HISTORIC" 1966 Silver Age LARGE ART Amazing Spider-Man #43 Unpublished Splash page from the CLASSIC Spidey story titled: "Rhino on a Rampage!" This splash is VERY similar to the PUBLISHED splash page in that the penciled AND INKED large RHINO is smashing into the Police headquarters (JUST like on the published splash)to try and kidnap the SUPER POWERED John Jameson who had just been defeated by Spiderman in Amazing Spider-Man #42! 1 cop shoots at the rhino to no avail as another cop calls for backup help! But the #1 thing that makes this splash VERY HISTORIC is that unlike the PUBLISHED ASM 43 splash, This SPLASH shows MARY JANE WATSON drawn for just the SECOND TIME EVER on a piece of comic book art! To the right of the HUGE Rhino figure, Marvel always used to draw the Main Characters of the story in little head shots in circles on Splash pages, so the reader knew who was in that particular story! So on this "AMAZING" SPLASH, John Romita penciled AND INKED head images of THE RHINO, and underneath it a little word blurb which reads: "ORIGIN OF THE RHINO!" Underneath the RHINO head shot we get this wonderful penciled AND INKED drawing of MARY JANE WATSON, who is smiling with the EXACT SAME head shot she is portrayed in the FAMOUS "FACE IT TIGER" Last page to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #42! WOW! Under Mary Jane Watson is a little word blurb which reads "MJW". And under MJ we get a nice penciled and inked head shot of Peter Parker with his crew cut hair from that 1966 time period, and a nice head shot drawing of Spider-man behind him! John Romita was testing his pencils and brushes on this Neat splash, so we get to see 2 really nicely detailed images of a man at the top of the splash in full detailed pencils, and on the right side and bottom of the splash, we can see John Romita testing his ink brushes to see how his brush lines were looking that day! This wonderful piece is drawn on Large Art Marvel art board from that time period. The board measures a large sized 14.25 by 21.5 inches! There is a slight horizontal crease going through the art board that is barely visible to the eye form the front, but no artwork is compromised. Just a STUNNING 1966 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPLASH PAGE HERE FOLKS, with a LOT of history behind it for a FRACTION of what the PUBLISHED SPLASH would sell for! DON'T pass up this chance to get a HISTORIC beauty that will look great framed on your wall! Compare this GREAT SPLASH to the PUBLISHED ASM 43 SPLASH in Red link Above to see how similar this splash is to the published ASM 43 SPLASH! ALL HIGH end pieces of art, including this one, are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payment plan options, and trades are always considered towards this and any other pieces of art on my site here! Just send me an email and we can try to work something out.

On Hold