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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Joe  Kubert pencils and inks
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WOW! How many LARGE ART Silver Age 1960's covers can truly be called...."HISTORIC!" Well This 53 year old cover right here is arguably the most "HISTORIC" SILVER AGE DC original art cover to EXIST up to this point! This Landmark 1960 VERY First Silver Age Hawkman Cover spotlights the VERY FIRST IMAGES of the Winged Wonders: Hawkman [Katar Hol] and Hawkgirl [Shayera Hol] as they battle The Creature of a Thousand Shapes, the evil "Byth" in this super-spectacular that helped launch a space-age "new frontier" for super heroes (which came out a full 9 months BEFORE Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's FANTASTIC FOUR #1 comic book) Covers from the famed "Brave and Bold" Hawkman run are about as scarce and desirable as anything from this time period. This iconic masterwork has been kept in a single collection until a few years ago. This is the ultimate Joe Kubert cover to own, and BY FAR the most valuable cover EVER, BY THE GREAT JOE KUBERT, and arguably 1 of the most historic Silver Age DC covers to ever surface on the comic art market! This cover has an image area of 12.5" x 18". The title logo, DC bullet, and the production markings outside the image area are replacements. The piece has been professionally restored as is in Excellent condition. Compare this nice cover art to the published comic book in the red link above! I'm happy to TRADE this cover for other quality cover art, as well as other key interior artwork from other artists. ALL HIGH end pieces of art, including this one, are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payment plan options! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.