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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Status: Sold
Artists: Jack Kirby penciller
George  Roussos  inker
Other Images:

Check out this INCREDIBLY HISTORIC SILVER AGE 1963 MARVEL Fantastic Four action page, which was penciled by the "KING!" Jack Kirby, and inked by the great George Roussos, from the HISTORIC EARLY MARVEL story titled: "The Hate Monger!" (A 1963 Donald J Trump story!) This great page features a great image of The FF rocket ship that gave the FF their super powers in the 1st panel (With Reed in it!) We have a great 2nd panels with THE THING posing for Alicia Masters as she creates a sculpture of her beloved Benjamin! In panel 3 we see a super powerful charging "THING" as he leaves when he sees the FF rocket in the sky! Panel 4 is actually much more interesting than you might think as we see Johnny Storm looking to buy his 1963 split window CORVETTE that he DOES ultimately BUY, as he rides in it on the Amazing Spider-Man #8 SPLASH PAGE the very next month when he battles Spider-Man! (See the splash in red link above!) And that bottom spread with The fired up Human Torch yelling "FLAME ON"..... well.... Just WOW! there is a small tape repaired tear from the back in first panel that goes 1.7 inches into the art that is barely visible from the front. There is small tear on right side by 2nd panel but it does not go into the art area thankfully. Jack Kirby made you feel the power of every panel when he drew his FIRST SUPER HERO TEAM FOR MARVEL COMICS! Just a CLASSIC 1963 "EARLY MARVEL" page with our favorite HEROES to boot! SILVER AGE Marvel Super hero pages are VERY hard to find in the hobby these days, so don't miss out on a great opportunity here to own just a CLASSIC.... Plane and simply here! ALL art on our website (including this one) are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payments, and trades are always considered towards "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.