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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Steve  Ditko pencils and inks
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Check out this very nice 1964 LARGE ART Amazing Spider-Man page, which was penciled and inked by the great STEVE DITKO, from the classic FIRST SPIDER-SLAYER story titled: "Captured by J. Jonah Jameson!" This nice page features the FIRST appearance issue of the Spider-Slayer, with Professor Smythe as they both go to the Daily Bugle to show J. Jonah Jameson that the robot WILL CATCH SPIDER-MAN! This great page also features J. Jonah Jameson in 2 panels, Peter Parker in 6 panels, Betty Brant in 4 panels as she yells at Peter for not sticking up for Spider-Man, s well as Flash Thompson waiting to fight Peter, while Liz Allen tries to get Peter To ask her out on a date! This beautiful Ditko drawn ASM page does not have Spider-Man on it, but it certainly DOES have SEVERAL elements that a hard core Spider Fan wants in a Spidey page, with the great Peter Parker side stories that made Peter Parker so loved and cared about throughout the Steve Ditko / John Romita Spider-Man era! Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man art pages are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find for sale nowadays as collectors who own them are not parting with them, so opportunities to buy them when they pop up for sale are getting more scarce every year...... So don't pass up on this one or you may not see another one for sale for a long while! ALL HIGH end pieces of art, including this one, are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payment plan options, and trades are always considered towards this and "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.