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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Status: Sold
Artists: Jack Kirby penciller
Joe Sinnott inker
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Check out this beautiful looking 1968 Fantastic Four #80 Published Production Cover, from the classic Kirby / Sinnott story titled: "Where Treads the Living Totem!" This nice cover is the Published Production Cover, with Partially Inked areas with the entire right 5/8 inch being all drawn from top to bottom of cover, including the THING'S entire right leg and the Human Torch's feet. The ENTIRE black background on this cover is all inked, and the inking goes completely through the logo as well. Wyatt's left arm and part of his right leg are drawn......Reeds left leg is drawn.... Parts of the Living Totem's left and right legs and parts of it's left and right arms have redrawn art on them as well as EVERY feather in its head has white paint touch ups.... UNDER the "GUEST STARRING WYATT WINGFOOT" stat is Jack Kirby penciled Lettering (which can be seen in the EXTRA red Link Above with Stat removed) and believe it or not, there is INKED HUMAN TORCH FLAMES drawn from the left side of cover all the way over the logo and connecting to the torches flames on the right side of cover, but the flames (which can be seen under the WYATT STAT BUBBLE) were inked over across the logo to keep the flames only on the right side of the cover. There are well over 50 touch ups on this cover which make it SO SO MUCH more than just a simple production cover. Just a great 1968 Fantastic Four 1 of a kind piece of history here! Click the 2nd red link above to see back of cover showing the comic Code Authority date stamp which was June 14, 1968. Compare this nice cover art to the published comic book in the red link above also in 3rd red link above! ALL art on our website (including this one) are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payments, and trades are always considered towards "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.