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Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Jack Kirby penciller
Joe Simon inker
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Check out this INCREDIBLY HISTORIC 1942 World War 2 battle cover which was penciled by the great Jack Kirby, and inked by the equally great Joe Simon, from the story titled: "Read How Capt. Freedom Aids the Commandos!" Not sure that many people know the history about this great super hero? This actual cover art and comic book it was from, came out in 1942, SHORTLY after Jack Kirby and Joe Simon left Timely comics because Timely was not paying them both enough for the work they were doing. there are NO EXISTING Golden Age SIMON and KIRBY Captain America cover art...... And This great Captain Freedom super hero is almost IDENTICAL LOOKING to Captain America, as it was CLEARLY Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's way of drawing a Captain America looking super hero during the 2nd World War and actually getting PAID like they felt they should! This cover features a GIANT image of Captain Freedom leading the charge as 5 G.I.s run towards barbed wire behind captain Freedom. Just a HISTORIC image! Also a great note on this cover is that the logo and the side stats on the left are the ORIGINAL stats from back in 1942, with even some inking and whiteout touch ups on the logo and stats! Even the "PAT PARKER" stat on the left, they decided to make her hair longer and it was inked to look longer. The "OCT" and "Speed Comics" corner logo in upper left also have some original inking on and around them as well! To say this cover is historic is a severe under statement, and this might possibly be the EARLIEST or for sure 1 of the EARLIEST KNOWN Simon and Kirby Patriotic superhero covers EVER! When people are now selling late 1970's Jack Kirby Captain America covers in the 20-25k range, this HISTORIC 1942 PUBLISHED World War 2 Captain Freedom action cover should feasibly be worth 2...3.... even 4 TIMES those covers because of how rare this cover art truly is! Cover is drawn on 11.8 by 15.75 inch thick Mercury Illustration Board which is slightly yellowed and the stats are slightly browning, but For being 70 YEARS OLD.... this cover art truly looks great considering it's age. Compare this ICONIC cover art to the published comic book in the red link above! ALL HIGH end pieces of art, including this one, are able to be purchased with VERY fair time payment plan options, and trades are always considered towards this and "ANY" art on our website! Just send us an email to and we can try to work something out.